Using our Dashboard, our clients have the ability to contact our support seamlessly, view their projects, billing, and other important aspects that help us assist you. Need revisions on your review business card? Need a question removed or added on your chatbot? Fill out a simple work request form and our guys will get it done!
Small businesses need great reviews on the web in order to succeed. The majority of small businesses fail to actively request reviews. Lucror makes this process easy for you. You can use our reputation management portal to send emails asking for reviews to your existing customers. We’ll even design a review business card for your business so you can advertise at your physical location!
Small businesses can benefit from our Mobile App in many ways. As an example, a restaurant can use our Loyalty App integration to offer discounts after a customer orders their 10th meal. A chiropractor can offer a discounted adjustment after a client’s 10th visit, and so forth. Also, we can integrate booking forms, basic service, about, and home pages.
With our chatbot, you can increase the conversion rate on your website through automated chats. Using it is a great way to get significantly more leads than using a contact form or e-mail. Additionally, our chatbot can be used for customer support, quizzes, and surveys.
Within 7 days of your trial, we promise to deliver a preview of your mobile app, chatbot, and online reputation management portal.
We at Lucror design our services to bundle these 3 services together into one because we believe that they work better together than each individually. Because of our low pricing, we are unable to sell each service separately.

YES, our subscription is on a monthly basis with no contracts!