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A Mobile App for Your Chiropractic Office: Upgrade with One Click

If your 2022 goals included growing your chiropractic practice, optimizing your mobile web presence is probably at the top of the list. Mobile devices contribute to almost $2 trillion in direct sales.

Technology moves quickly and having an app is no longer reserved for those with high budgets in Silicon Valley.  We will build one for you in a matter of days – no tech experience required on your end.

If you’re ready to take your chiropractic office to the next level, creating a custom app is the right move.

croped view of chiropractor massaging shoulder of man in hospital

Create Customer Loyalty

One of the most prominent features of our software is the ability to create and manage a loyalty card which lets your patients earn digital stamps that they can redeem toward goodies.

Collect 10 stamps and get a free adjustment!

Loyalty programs are proven to increase customer retention significantly, and are just one of the many benefits to having your own customizable app:

Push notifications to stay connected.

Stay on top of your patients’ radar with timely push notifications for your office’s communication needs. You can send an alert for upcoming sales or events, scheduling changes, and any other updates that would be of interest to them.

Add more value to your patients’ investment.

We have several available customizable add-ons, like workout trackers, the ability to imbed video or interactive materials, community forums, and more. Let your customers think of you when they are thinking of keeping on top of their health.

Readable analytics.

Your office will be able to see how your members are utilizing your app. You can easily translate this data into ways to better serve them and increase your offerings to appeal to them.

Having a custom mobile app is directly linked to an increase in local sales. Whether your office is looking to expand into its own retail product line, elevate branding for a more polished experience, or just seeking how to best serve your existing clientele, a mobile app is a perfect step for that upgrade.

At Lucror we have completely streamlined the process for you and handle all the minutiae. Our onboarding process is very simple – give us your ideas, and days later you receive the perfect app for your practice which you can immediately share with patients.