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Chatbots for Chiropractors

When it comes to managing your chiropractic clinic, hands-on time with patients is often the most intuitive part of the day. Once your customers are in the room with you, everything goes off without a hitch. But that is only a fraction of what clinic management entails.

With today’s saturated market, one of the most important factors a clinic can focus on is separating itself from the rest and showcasing phenomenal customer care. That level of care begins before your patient even walks through the door. A streamlined and optimized web presence shows a customer your level of professionalism and industry authority.

How quickly can a customer get all their questions answered once they are on your website? With the assistance of smart AI Chatbots, there’s no longer any lag time between common questions and their answers.

croped view of chiropractor massaging shoulder of man in hospital

Faster response times lead to more bookings

Now more than ever, people seek instant gratification when searching online. If a customer has a question for your office that they can’t get answered, it’s possible that they will leave your website without moving forward in the booking process. Any moment of hesitation or confusion is a leak in your sales funnel and having a quick response time to customer questions removes that variable for you.

Personalization to streamline processes

Your chatbot is customizable in any way that best serves your website. If you are closed for holidays (or unexpectedly), you can program your bot to let your customers know. If you are hiring, promoting an event, offering a sale or package perk for new clients, you can have your bot communicate this to your audience. More informed audiences are more satisfied and more likely to turn into customers.

Real-time analytics of customer needs

All of the conversations with chatbots are saved for you to be able to review. If you are seeing common threads amongst customer needs, you can pivot to better serve them. Are several users struggling to locate your booking software? You can move it to a more prominent area of your website. Maybe you’ve got a lot of inquiries for Saturday appointments? You can start scheduling 1-2 clinic days a month to secure more clients.

Save time and cost on customer service

Juniper research published data showed savings via chatbots in the banking industry are projected to be over $7 billion in 2023. You can program your chatbots to handle the most common questions and concerns from your website users. This frees up your administrative staff to focus on more important tasks.

24/7 Availability

Is your customer interested in chiropractic care because back pain is keeping them up in the middle of the night? If so, having your chatbot available to them in those crucial moments will set you apart from the rest and immediately begin building a relationship with your office. Research shows that around half of customers expect businesses to be available online around the clock, even small businesses!

Connect with Patients, Grow Engagement

If you are wanting to better engage with your audience, save time and money, and differentiate yourself from competitors, our free 7-day trial was made just for you.