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Show Up Where It Matters

A business’ success relies upon its reputation. Reputation is built organically, today’s best tool for spreading a message is online. To rank higher in searches, reach wider audiences, and position your company as trustworthy and authoritative, reviews from real customers are paramount.

If your goal is to organically show up in searches for your new potential customers, prioritizing securing reviews from your happy customers is one of the best ways to do that. Unfortunately, only 20% of customers say that they leave reviews for businesses they visit. That is 8 out of 10 instances of free marketing walking out your door. Businesses need a solution to securing reviews from their patrons, and that’s where we come in.

At Lucror, we have streamlined the review process for you and your customer base. We design a custom business card for you that has a unique QR code. Your customers can scan this and it immediately takes them to a portal prompting them to leave a review. This includes a 1–5-star rating and any comments they’d like to leave on Google.
Happy friendly florist giving fresh bouquet to customer

Reviews Work For You

Positive reviews from customers reach far beyond their inner circle.

Reviews give you credibility and authority

Online reputations are everything in today’s economy. With the amount of trust placed in reviews, they lead more swiftly toward brand recognition and trust.

Reviews show authenticity

When people are shopping, they are looking for a brand they can connect with. The ability to scroll through a sea of high accolades begins relationship building before the viewer even lands on your website or doorstep.

Reviews Made Easy for Your Customers

With our QR code business cards and instant review portal, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Your customers can easily share how great you are.

If you’re interested in the ability to increase your web presence and give your customers an easier way to voice their opinion online, check out our free trial today. Reputation management is your ticket to a whole new audience.