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The Lucor 3-in-1 subscription service is perfect for any small business, big or small! Let us help you take your business to the next level.
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Instantly Personalize Your Customer Service

With the Lucror Chatbot, you are able to interact on a personal level with every customer — generating leads, providing support, and converting sales — all without having to double your employee size.

Naturally Engage Your Audience

Automatic Chatbots allow you to create meaningful interactions with users, even after hours and over holidays. Users can have their questions answered easily, leaving them happy, and you with a new client.

What Does a Chatbot Do?

Chatbots are pretty effective. The goal is to prompt the user to interact with your site and encourage the desired action — whether that’s dropping their email, buying your product, or booking an appointment. And thousands of companies have benefited from using a Chatbot on their site.

Any time a user lands on your page, they will be met with a message from your Chatbox. The Chatbot engages the user instantly with the hope of converting them into a customer.

How Can A Chat Bot Help My Business?

Chatbots can do the work of a hundred employees (or maybe more like a hundred plugins…)

Generate Leads

By getting information from users, you can have a better sense of who you should continue advertising to. Increase your marketing efforts with the users who leave their info behind, and you may just have a new customer.

Provide Support

Customer support is vital, but offering it 24/7 can be difficult. Chatbots allow you to support your customers with questions, even if you’re not sitting at your computer all day every day.

Engage Your Audience

Reaching out to a user can help convert to a sale with minimal effort. Chat bots can instantly send messages, respond to questions, and acquire information from the user.

Resolve Issues

Users are able to solve the issues they may be facing letting the Chatbot know what they need, and having the issue taken care of immediately. Not only does this reduce overhead for customer service, but it also leads to a much more satisfied user.

Save Time

Don’t waste time answering redundant questions! Having your most asked questions pre-answered and sent out at request leaves users satisfied and informed and leaves your customer support team open for bigger issues.

Way Better Than A Webform

Webforms are impersonal and easy to miss or ignore. And there isn’t a direct response, meaning precious time will pass between when the user wants the information and when they get it. Give them instant answers instead by using a Chatbot.

Integrate Your Automated Marketing

As soon as your Chatbot gathers the needed information, you have the potential to instantly add the user to your automated marketing strategy by integrating whatever platform you use.

Instantly send emails, texts, or other notifications to the user as soon as the Chat Bot acquires their info.

You Can’t Avoid Chatbots

Like it or not, Chatbots look like they are here to stay — and for good reason! With over 3 billion people using messaging systems, its the preferred way to communicate by many. Use this to your advantage with a Chatbot.